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You’ll See Things Clearly at EyeWorks Optical

When it comes to clear vision, buying a pair of glasses “off the rack” just doesn’t cut it – especially since each individual customer has unique requirements.

Men’s Frames

Whether you’re looking for something robust for playing sports, stylish and elegant for work, or simply a pair of reading glasses, we have the right men’s frames for you.

Children’s Frames

Whether for school, the gym or the playground, our frames for young customers must be durable and at the same time look good and be comfortable to wear. Our large selection of popular children’s frames prove that design and functionality are not mutually exclusive. We can also advise you on selecting especially resilient lenses. Glasses for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age are sometimes covered by health insurance policies. We can help you find out if your health insurance covers children’s glasses.

Women’s Frames

Our glasses are sometimes elegant, sometimes fresh and different, but always ultra-stylish. With our frames you can count on finding the right accent to fit your style and personality. With options provided by all of the lines listed above, you’re sure to love your new pair of frames.



Reliably protect your eyes and still be in style: We always offer a huge selection of ultra-fashionable sunglasses. Of course, we carry glasses with 100 percent UV protection, brand-name glasses in various shades and prescription lenses on request.

Sports Glasses

Sports lenses come in many designs, colors and treatments for every sport. Safety is key with sports eyewear, so tough polycarbonate lenses are most commonly recommended.


Be sure to get the right products to care for and protect your glasses. That way you’ll keep them free from scratches and other damage and remain more satisfied with your new glasses.

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