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Adjustment & Care

Your glasses don't sit properly on your face any more? The temple on your frames is broken or twisted? Our friendly team is always here to handle small adjustments, repairs or cleaning for you immediately and free of charge.

Processing & Repair

In order to provide our patients with the best vision possible, we finish all of our glasses right here in the office, (with the exception of safety glasses and glass lenses). This allows our patients to reuse their own frames with out having to be without their glasses while an outside firm completes them. We usually only have the frame for a couple of hours once the lenses have come into the building, (usually about a week after they are orderd). Although there are options for getting them in faster.

Comprehensive Service

At EyeWorks Optical you won't just find a pair of glasses. We want you to find an optical shop that feels like home and you can see the latest fashions. What frames look best on you? What glasses should you choose for your vision and your viewing habits? Each customer has individual requirements in terms of vision correction. With the opticians at EyeWorks Optical, you will work with Opticians who have the technical knowledge to fit you with the products that best fit your individual visual needs.

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Eye Exams are Important for Good Health

Most people go and see their doctor once a year. They also go every six months or so and have a dentist clean their teeth properly. Unfortunately, they don’t give the same consideration to their eyes. Eye exams are very important, even if you feel like you aren’t having any trouble seeing. When you have a doctor examine your eyes, it’s not just about how well you see – it’s also about the actual health of your eyes and whether there is anything wrong with them. Don’t forget to have them checked, because you wouldn’t want to risk losing your vision, especially to something that was preventable.


When You Go

When you go for an eye exam, it’s good to know what to expect. That can help alleviate anxiety and keep you from avoiding the eye doctor. While you’re there, the doctor will check your vision to make sure you can see well. Then, he’ll check the actual health of your eyes. Usually eye exams involve checking the pressure in your eyes to make sure it’s not too high. They also often require you to allow your eyes to be dilated so that the doctor can see through to the back where the optic nerve is. This procedure is painless, but it can make things look strange for a little while. Some people don’t like to drive home after eye exams, because seeing things up close, like the speedometer, can be difficult.


Set a Good Example

Eye exams don’t have to be frightening, and you can set a good example for your children by going once a year and taking them to get checked out, as well. They’ll learn not to be afraid of the eye doctor, and they’ll see that taking care of their health is important. It’s something that everyone should take time for, but a lot of people avoid. They only see the doctor when the have a serious problem, and eye exams could have caught that problem before it became so serious. Keep that in mind when you’re debating whether to see the eye doctor. A quick check up could stop a problem before it gets started, and that will not only save you money and time in the long run, but it could possibly save your vision, as well.


Do You or Someone You Know…

Are you aware that approximately 80% of your child’s learning occurs through their vision? When was your child’s last eye exam? Sadly, all to often children are mistakenly labled with some form of attention deficit disorder or other cognitive impairment when in actuality their difficulty in school can easily be remedied with some form of visual correction or perhaps even just a few eye exercise. EyeWorks Optical’s robust team of doctors can help you identify your child’s visual needs as well as to screen for many of the possible eye conditions that prevent children from reaching their full potential in school and in life.


Are you or someone you know frustrated with your current glasses or contacts? EyeWorks Optical’s team of Doctors take pride in ensuring they provide their patients with the best vision possible through both glasses and contact lenses. Considering LASIK but not sure if you would be a good candidate? EyeWorks Optical’s Doctors partner with the Twin Cities’ best surgeons and provide the highest standard of care to ensure that all patients achieve the best possible outcome under the care of the best surgeons in the industry.


Do you or someone you know ever find yourself having to use more light to be able to read the local newspaper or your favorite book? Find yourself having to hold your reading material far out in front of you to be able to read clearly? Are you experiencing glare or halos around headlights when driving at night? EyeWorks Optical’s team of doctors specialize in diagnosing the root cause of these changes in vision and excel at providing their patients with the best possible solutions.


Putting Your Needs First

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